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be happy for good




from the start we knew that if we were going to start making chocolate we wanted to do everything to ensure that our little company reflected our values as much as possible. this meant sourcing our ingredients ethically (and organically) so that the growers get a fair deal, so the environment is treated kindly and so that you get the best product.

it also meant searching out sustainable packaging, including home compostable materials for wrapping and vegetable inks for printing.

but we wanted to go one step further and use be happy chocolate to raise awareness and to support something else that we care greatly about. just in time for our first birthday we were able to do just that by teaming up with the rainforest foundation US. 

from December 1st, 2019, 5% of all our profits go to the rainforest foundation. this money will help with the vital work they do alongside indigenous communities; protecting the rainforest and the people and creatures who live there; replanting; tackling human rights abuses and fighting to prevent deforestation.


by choosing to buy be happy chocolate in 2020 you helped to raise and plant enough seedlings to replant approximately 5.5 acres of illegally deforested Amazon Rainforest.


in 2021 you helped to protect 618 acres of Amazon Rainforest for one year, locking away 128,500 metric tonnes of CO2. to put this into perspective New Zealand's CO2 emissions are roughly 16.9 tonnes per person per year. that's 7603 kiwi's CO2 emissions for a whole year! 


by buying be happy chocolate in 2022 you helped to protect 1376.8 acres of Amazon rainforest for a whole year, locking away 286,276.375 metric tonnes of CO2. that's 16,939 kiwi's CO2 emissions for a year, more than 1.5 times the population of South Wairarapa where we live and make our chocolate.


in addition the 2022 donation included support to help indigenous communities gain official titles for their ancestral lands as well as financial support for those communities to help them create a sustainable life on those lands


the Amazon rainforest is vital in the fight against climate change and studies show that the best way to protect and preserve the rainforest is to keep it in the hands of the indigenous communities who have lived there for generations


thank you

for helping preserve and protect the rainforest


this is just the beginning and we are so grateful to all of you who support be happy chocolate, without you we would not have been able to take this step.

thank you 

for more information about what the Rainforest Foundation do and to find out ways in which you can help, visit

keep being awesome

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